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Chris H
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It sounds like you have got yourself into quite a predicament.

Your first priority should be your full paying customers, they after all are the ones who will pay your bills.

It goes without saying that the voucher thing was probably a bad idea if you were unable to meet demand and also upset your existing customer base.

What I would do is tell everyone with vouchers that there will be a long wait to schedule them into classes and that you’re more than happy to give them a refund if that makes them unhappy. Then I would cancel the voucher system.

Yes, business plans and marketing plans are great… But first things first, look at your costs and time constraints and see if you would make money doing this 40 hours a week, if it’s not enough money then you need to re-evaluate everything before you get too far down the track. It’s incredibly hard to raise prices and the fact that you were immediately swamped makes me think you were undercharging.

You must shrink the business back to the point that is manageable then look at making your business scalable. What I mean by that is that if you are unable to take the classes yourself then you must look at what it is going to cost to get someone to take the classes for you, the cost of the space etc and add your margin on top.

Quite a few people have mentioned accountants and book keepers, which may help, but you have to primarily fix the profitability of the business.
If you cannot pay someone to take your classes because the money is not there, then I would wonder whether you are charging enough for your own time. It’s easy to be busy when you’re effectively working for free.