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Hobidi Bob
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Hey newbi,

my wife and I started a business 6 months ago. The few milestones we have accomplished so far have been celebrated by the following.

Starting the business- we recognise the start of a better life for us and over a glass of wine and a beer we congratulated one another.

Our 1st job that we didnt personally work in (employee)- we went out for lunch.

First turnover goal- I bought my wife a new outfit.

Second turnover goal- (completed last month) we will be celebrating next week by going out for dinner.

Third turnover goal- (on target for this month) we want to take our employees out for drinks to say thank you and celebrate.

Obviously my goals are different to the next business owner and they may also be structured differently. I am sure that when we are hitting goals of multi million $ turnover, we might go a little more “adventurous”. but for now we are happy celebrating with dinner.

Good luck with your future goals and maybe you could share your ideas.