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From the marketing / online / website side of things – talk to a marketing person BEFORE having a website designed. When you know who your target market is and how you will differentiate from the others in the market – then look at what you need in a website to really work for you. Too often we have clients come to us wanting marketing AFTER getting a cheap website and we usually only have bad news for them.

Often people setting up an online store or drop shipping just go with the cheaper, easier shopping cart options and then find that they can’t be found on Google, can’t easily add extra features and spend a lot of time administering the process.

I’d really recommend taking the time to find the best website solution for your business needs and future plans. Your website is the centre of your marketing, customer service, your primary public presence etc… it will make or break your idea.

Under our marketing company, we’ve done a lot of work with clients setting up businesses like yours with their strategy and online setup / website design and I’d be happy to have a chat if you wanted to PM me or get in touch.

Good luck with everything, you’re in for an adventure.