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half way:

I haven’t made any outbound calls.
I actually planned to make several sets of calls this week, however there’s been some issues with that, see below.

I had a cold inbound call on the 4th, which I followed up on the 7th, then again on the 10th. Net result, an initial meeting next week.

I then had 2 other leads passed to me, they were warm so followed them up the same day and booked two more initial meetings for next week.

then on Wednesday, I had another inbound call – a referral again. Booked a meeting for next week as well.

Alright. If I had of made my outbound calls in the first week, I could have been booking appointments for this week. I’ll concede that point.
However – determined that since I already have 4 meetings next week, I honestly don’t have the time to attend more AND keep normal work up. It seems quite wishywashy on my behalf, to make calls and go “how about I set up a meeting, oh but I’m not available for 2 weeks” – a beter option would be to setup meetings straight away. So I made no calls this week.

out of 4 inbound leads though, I should be able to acheive the target of minimum one new client.

In terms of increasing sales footprint in general, I’m working on a proposal to affiliate one of my customers and get them to bounce my leads from their database of 2000 clients. That’s due to go out in first draft very soon, it’s just waiting review from someone else (and i wanted to speak to the accountant)

For recurring revenue – I’ve sent contract to the customer for online backup and chased them up today. Pending their decision (they were already indicatively prepared to move) I just need it signed off.

not too shabby so far.