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Pai1nter, post: 182951 wrote:
Hi fellow members

I run a painting business with my husband and we are trying to find reliable ways to get business.

I have had mixed success with sites like service seeking, service central, painters.com etc and was wondering what your experiences were and whether you have any plans to incorporate them as part of your business.

Personally, about 9/10 jobs that I got, I won on price. We were running low on jobs and thought it was better to do something than nothing. But in hindsight, I don’t think it was the right way to win the job because in the eyes of the client you just become a person known to do the job at a cheap price not as someone who does the job with quality.

Hope you can share experience here.

Thank you.

Firstly, I noticed you have a domain name: allthatpainting.com.au but no website. You need to build your own website to start with.

I would also get a different domain name. A keyword domain name that includes your location and your service. This is Search Engine Optimisation basics.

I would then develop a website using SEO so you get organic traffic from google.

To start out you might pay for advertising using google adsense but you could cover the costs of this with higher paying clients.

You could showcase your previous work and use customer testimonials to show your potential clients that you’re awesome!