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Really appreciate the feedback.

And I am jotting down the ideas to implement in my note book.

Ashman, post: 183027 wrote:
Firstly, I noticed you have a domain name: allthatpainting.com.au but no website. You need to build your own website to start with.

I am building a website targeting people who want to get a touch up service (http://www.ttup.com.au) It will go live soon. May be in another fortnight? And I will be doing flyer drops around my area which will include QR codes so that they can access information via smart phone and leave their details so I can get in touch with them.

Once I figure out how to rank this page on google search on certain terms, I will figure something out for the painting site:http://www.allthatpainting.com.au. Right now I don’t really understand how websites nor SEO works. I know what they are but feel that I need to know to seek the right type of work. I’ve done plenty of reading but don’t really know how it can be applied.

My next step after getting the website done is designing a brochure for real estates around the local area and lead them into http://www.allthatpainting.com.au site with all the info. Haven’t decided whether it should be generic or real estate targeted. I want to see how http://www.ttup.com.au goes first.