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Lovegrove, post: 183185 wrote:
Thank you everyone for your helpful advice & suggestions. I’ve checked out all the links & articles & have arrived back at:
It’s totally worth trying for a .com but not if it means hyphenating or misspelt words

I have been brainstorming today and have come up with mynameandco.com which is available. Mynameco.com is also available.

Keeping in mind I am providing high end wedding stationary to giddy brides (and some sensible ones too I hope!) I think that tacking “and co” onto my name may sort of work to my advantage? Perhaps lending some boutique-y luxury connotations from the get go. Or have I imagined that in my attempts to find a .com that I can live with?

Please share your thoughts and experience once again

It works for Tiffany & Co…

Where in our wonderful country are you? I have a client that does boutique flower arrangements that may be interested in some kind of partnership/mutual referral idea.