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Lovegrove, post: 183185 wrote:
I think that tacking “and co” onto my name may sort of work to my advantage?

How so?

Adding the terms “and co” or just “co” onto a domain name is a waste of space and meaningless.

That’s like me suggesting you register the domain extension .co which I would never do.

Lets say for exampe your name is Lovegrove. Your domain name would be:




I personally would go for LovegroveWeddingInvitations.com if that was the product you were selling.

Or I would buy UniqueWeddingInvitations.com.au for $100 which is available for sale and is an “exact match domain name” with 880 exact searchs via google every month.

Those domain suggestions have keywords in the domain name, so they will be more easily understood by google and indexed accordingly.