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John Romaine, post: 183208 wrote:
6. Build a brand and FORGET about chasing keyword rich domains. That’s such a dull outdated strategy that only works until the next Google backhand.
7. If you can BUY a great domain name – do it.
9. Where possible, register a “generic” domain that doesn’t tie you into one specific product or service offering. Why? Because you should always take into consideration that maybe, one day, your product or service offering may change.
10. Consider buying an aged domain that already has a lot of SEO attributes.

Hi John,

You say:

…register a brand domain name

…and then you say register a generic domain name

…and then you say buy a domain name

…and then you say get a domain with SEO attributes.

So which is it?

Nice plug for your business but let me explain something to you:

1. Brand domain names are not generic.
2. Brand domain names generally do not contain SEO attributes because they do not have a history on the Internet.
3. 90% of domain names for sale usually contain keywords and are generic.

Looks like you have cut and paste advice from different sources without understanding what you are talking about.

From my experience “exact match domain names” out perform brand names in the search engine results pages.

If you have the budget of a large corporation then sure you will have the marketing power to promote the brand domain name and drive other sources of traffic.

If you have a small budget, a keyword domain name is the best option and if your SEO is white hat then you will not receive a “back-hand” from the Google Headmaster!