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Ashman, post: 183220 wrote:
So you ask and answer your own questions? Interesting Strategy.

So your saying JimsMowing.com.au sounds spammy and is not a good brand name?

That contains a generic keyword!

How about DavidReidPainting.com it ranks on page 1 of google for the term painting. That contains a generic keyword too.

How about UniqueWeddingInviations.com.au that is an exact match domain name. Contains keywords, is not spammy and is BRANDABLE.

Maybe you should pay attention Matthew you might learn something here.I am not sure what point you’re trying to make.

Build a brand and stop wasting time chasing keyword URL’s. If your brand has a generic keyword in is so be be it. I’m sure those people didn’t choose those names because they had a keywords in their URL to try and game Google.

Personally, I think UniqueWeddingInviations.com.au does sound spammy. But I accept you don’t.