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Totally Awesome
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I’ve had a look at your store Mel.

And I’ll be blunt.

First off, convince me why I should pay your prices.
I’m not saying you’re too dear.. just need to feel I’m getting value for money and I don’t feel that in your wording.

Secondly, why no incentive to buy more than one? Like free freight if you spend $100 or more?

Finally, a photo of a bottle doesn’t do much for me so how about upping the excitement in presentation?

My suggestions:

1 – A friend of mine sells Emu oil and has great success doing craft markets and dancing competitions etc (where they have stall holders). Worth considering?

2 – Adding some cheaper complementary products to the list. Like soaps, oils etc etc.

3 – Putting together a Party Plan offering.

4 – Do a “AT WHOLESALE PRICES” sale.

(Being blunt isn’t meant to hurt you.. rather to present to you a view from someone looking in. We do need to see it from our customer’s angle to see what we need to keep or change.
And sometimes bluntness is a good motivator. lol)