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Hi Bob,

I am into garden maintenance, and I did some calculations for using this approach for doing lawns, and it just doesnt work. Every job has it own little unique variance. so the prie could vary by heaps. I have 3 jobs which all have about the same square meterage, but the price varies by up to $40.00 depending on the variance. I do know someone who went down this path with lawns, and the prospective clients coming up with various figues based on their guestimates of the size of block, etc. And than if they came up with a mega low price they expected him to stick to the figures.

Also if I rang 3 different companies and 2 happily said sure we’ll come around and give a quote, and the 3rd said, it will be X$ per square metre, go and work it out for yourself (I know you will say it nicer), I would always get the 2 who offered an onsite quote to quote the job, commercial business’s dont have time to go measure windows.

Nothing beats eyeballing the job, and basing your price on that. It is also your oportunity for the client to see you, and feel comfortable with you.