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umair862, post: 183258 wrote:
1- So, a person can do marketing for my business and bring projects for me while having his own ABN number.

Yes. Otherwise there wouldn’t be things like marketing agencies and things like that.

umair862, post: 183258 wrote:
2- What should be the ingredients of a good contractor agreement to save my side legally.

That would depend on what you intend to achieve, but generally speaking it should contain scope of work, remuneration, duration of arrangement, what happens if they breach the agreement, confidentiality, and reasonable non-competitive clauses.

umair862, post: 183258 wrote:
3-Is there any other legal aspects I should consider? i.e having Indemnity insurance etc.

Public liability insurance, Work Health Safety (WHS), Fair Work Implications.

If you are in NSW please feel free to give me a call and discuss.