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LuchiaBloomfield, post: 183166 wrote:
Hi everyone,

My mum is a sole-trader professional book-keeper with some 40 years in the legal industry. She’s just starting to venture out (has 5 regular clients) and is looking to have a proper branding and website for herself – that’s where I come in.

However, before I can do anything we really need a name. Should she go down the line of using her own name? Or go for a business name? Or something more creative?

She’s leaning towards Sue Barnett Accounts or Sue Barnett Book Keeping but I’m not so sure. Not only will it make it quite difficult to brand, it’s a bit long-winded. She’s very open to suggestions.

Is she likely to put it up for sale one day? She may consider this if she has regular clientele and wants to quit or retire so would she be happy to sell it off with her name on it?