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Hello Vex5

Welcome to most peoples world. When I was young I had no idea. Then as I grew I still had no definite passion. I wanted to be successful and good at what ever the person who was impressing me at the time was good at. The result, I have run multi-million dollar businesses and also been happy to work as a labourer, and everything in between.
I think my experience has taught me that when others impress us then unspoken and often unintentional peer pressure can make us unsure of our course in life.
Think about what is happening to you and decide if it really is only your own thoughts and desires that are making you want the change or if others are also affecting your thoughts. Also know that what ever you do after a while it will become boring and lose its challenge. So is change in work what you need or can you fill the need for challenge in your out of work life. Until I discovered that I really enjoy accounting, I shifted with what ever whim took me at the time, I made very good money but I always missed the contentment others had in their life and their one career.

Hope I haven’t confused you more. Just make sure you can afford any change including thinking about things like if you are in a relationship that will mean you want a house shortly then stable work may have its advantages in these areas as well. Ultimately it is up to you. Contentment is a state of mind that can be achieved no matter what you do and yet so many people think you can’t.