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This is quite doable.

I’ve recently been checking out Node.js (asynchronous javascript on the server side), and happened to read a blog post that was a mini tutorial building exactly what you’re looking for. Sorry but I didn’t bookmark it … the tech detail would be pretty boring for most.

The tutorial was based around using the Yahoo data API, but I’m sure there’d be others.

Keeping it a bit simplistic … this kind of thing on a typical site would require a page refresh to update data … this no longer applies if you’re using Node (and perhaps others). It’s capable of “polling” the data and updating real time.

In a past life I did trade options for my own account (bit more than a hobby-but not full time), so I’ve used the “live” trading platforms, which would be a big deal to replicate … but just taking a live data API and putting up the pricing shouldn’t be too tough for someone good at JSON API’s and something like Node.

Might even be a plugin hiding somewhere.