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I don’t think the actual “business logic” or algorithm for the code is too difficult, depending on how much info you want to track. In the example I was reading, I’d say about an hour or so, to get some “basics” working (using the Yahoo API).

That functionality would need to be packaged in a layout design etc etc, and whether you were trying to embed it in another website (possible technology and server conflicts), so cost would depend on scope for the total deal.

JSON API’s and asynchronous javascript is new (but interesting) territory for me, so probably outside my remit to claim enough expertise to take anyones money developing with it.

There are some “meet ups” going on in Melbourne (and possibly elsewhere) of people who are very good with this technology, and I think “The York Butter Factory” in Melbourne, might house a few. I also met a young dev team, working out of Fitzroy who could probably nail it too.

I’ll do a little more homework, and report back.