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Jenny Spring
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darryl, post: 183269 wrote:
Hello all,

I have been knocking on doors of businesses around me letting them know of the services I have to offer – Website development and computer support. I generally got a better reaction than I was expecting and probably 1 in every 5 – 10 visits was someone who showed enough interest to be a potential client.The problem now is that I don’t know how to follow up these suspects and see if they want to be clients. I wait for the phone to ring and sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t – what’s new… I came across one “client” yesterday that I missed out on by maybe an hour. I wasn’t front of mind when she had computer problems and her husband took it to the original supplier who then referred him to a “recommended repairer”. She tried phoning him up to stop it, but too late.

I approached these businesses on the basis of introducing myself and my services – no sales pitch and no special offers etc. It worked well to break barriers down, but I would appreciate any suggestions on where to go from here to pick up those meant to give me a ring, but just haven’t got around to it. Also as a follow up, any suggestions for future introductions that allow me the opportunity to renew contact gracefully. My reputation is built on service and reliability – I don’t want to destroy that with a hard sell approach.

Hi Darryl

For someone who doesn’t want to destroy his business with a ‘hard sell’, why are you knocking on doors? It doesn’t get much more hard sell than that!

If you want to stay top of mind, then you have to advertise. Either through interesting and relevant emails, or through paid ads.

If women are your target market, you may want to do some highly targetting Facebook advertising. You can choose specific age range, geographical location, even target your competitor’s facebook pages, or pages that these people may currently like.

It can be very effective, but don’t go for vanity Likes. Offer something interesting, and get an email address.

Tony has an excellent idea, and I’d suggest you run an ad that gets people to sign up for your ‘virus’ report, and get their email. Send it out and then create an autoresponder series that stays top of mind.

Keep your blog content interesting and relevant, but always write for that person that you want to help — never about yourself.

HOpe this helps.