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thekatsmiaow, post: 183949 wrote:
Standing ovation from over here! :D

I think this kind of work is fabulous, and it’s a huge shame that you’re not often given the opportunity to be so creative in your day-to-day work.

Dyson, Finish, Doritos… all outstanding.

I’m only in startup phase of my business (launch is in April), but I also have been spending the last month or two searching out exciting and fresh ideas like this. If I had the budget for it, you would be exactly the kind of guy I’d want to work with. No boring stuff from over this way!

All the best, I hope this will bring you a lot of exciting work.


Thanks for the kind words. Hit me up when you are need for some creative, budget doesn’t need to dictate creativity. Obviously it’s easiest to come up with clever ideas for products – services can be trickier, but not impossible :)