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I’m going through this now, for 2 logos.

The costs appear to be:
$120 per class for a standard application.
$300 per class to register the trademark/logo once accepted.

The standard application takes about 3 months to initially assess, then another 7 months to approve.
This initial assessment period can be reduced to 5 days via TM Headstart if you want a fast confirmation and will cost $80 more than a standard application per class.

So cheapest total is $420 to trademark in 1 class, however, some will require multiple classes so it all adds up quickly.

I just lost $480 for 2 logos via TM Headstart.
Got emails saying to move to stage 2 about 2 weeks ago, and I only looked at them carefully today as I was super busy when I received the emails and just browsed them at the time.
The conditions are that you have to pay the 2nd stage withing 5 business days to progress otherwise your application will be discarded.
Not happy about that, but that’s how it is, so be careful.