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The standard application takes about 3 months to initially assess, then another 7 months to approve.

This initial assessment period can be reduced to 5 days via TM Headstart if you want a fast confirmation and will cost $80 more than a standard application per class.

Just to clarify the above a little further.

A standard application takes around three months to formally examine, yes. However, it does not take another 7 months to approve it. The three month examination period is a part of a total 7.5 month process (assuming all goes smoothly) – so, at around the three month mark (sometimes a little longer) you would be told whether your trademark is accepted or not. If it is accepted it is then advertised so other people get a chance to object (this advertisement happens around the 5 month mark), and if no-one objects (they have 2 months to do so) then the mark can fully register at the 7.5 month mark.

The TM Headstart is an early indication about whether your trademark would likely be accepted. It will still be formally examined (as per a standard application) but likely you will receive an ‘early acceptance letter’ (assuming no issues) quite quickly rather than having to wait until the 3-4 month mark – but, it does still take a minimum of 7.5 months to full registration. (And, note that the TM Headstart Assessment does not guarantee your trademark will eventuate to full approval and registration).