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darryl, post: 183429 wrote:

NEIS is more than 6 weeks. The Cert IV is useful as long as you understand (a) it only gives you knowledge, not experience, and (b) the assessment is done by bureaucrats who only know about box ticking, not surviving without a wage.

Check the ability of your mentor before committing to one. My mentor is good, and knows what is required. A mate of mine went through a different group and it was a totally different story. In my opinion, they were only interested in bums on seats so they get paid from the government, and not really interested in their clients.

We have had a fairly difficult time over the last five years, and the one thing about NEIS that helps us the most is stability of income while developing the business.

I don’t have any suggestions re your business location except to actually talk with your Real Estate Agent directly, but asking indirect questions. Talking directly, not email, phone, etc., allows you to judge their reactions and phrase your next question appropriately. You might start by asking if you are only allowed to store things on the property.

I would also have thought out beforehand your plan to use the property. As a former landlord, I would be wary of anything that changed the property or devalued it. That is, when you walk out of the property, it should be identical to when you walked in, or better. Things that come to my mind from your comments: You are breeding “something”. How do we know this won’t attract vermin, disease, etc. I am speaking from a position of ignorance here, but so will be your agent and landlord.


Thanks for the great advice on the neis training which i will certainly take into account. Also great advice on approaching the real estate agent, i know i need to see things from their perspective. I guess if i can show that in some way i can add value or improve the building that would also be looked on quite favorably ? What are some ideas for improving a building ? Sorry that i am very naive in these matters.