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jessberry, post: 183522 wrote:
Thanks for the advice which is all great. Yes i know i need to see it from the landlords perspective. Would it be possible to get around these kind of problems by breeding my beetles off site (eg a location out of town) and just using the shed as my business address ? I would simply say to the real estate that i use the shed to pack and store my product, with no actual breeding carried out ? Also i am looking at neis it sounds good.


That sounds feasible, but you are the person on the ground with all the information. Use the question about breeding as an example and walk through the whole of your business through the eyes of your agent. Is there anything else that could potentially cause problems for the landlord?

Also, I wouldn’t be too defensive or it will raise questions about what you are hiding. Eg. I would replace “not breeding in the shed” with “they are bred at … and when ready we use the shed for packing…”