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Osmond Mcleod, post: 183415 wrote:
Hi all.
I tend to have ‘one off’ clients, but recently i have been thinking about how to develop my relationship with my clients after a project is complete.

I have typically not really acknowledged when my invoices are paid. I think this is generally because i have done the work and feel i should be paid. But i was wondering if maybe there is some benefit in saying thank you in some form once i have had an invoice paid. So to questions:

Do you thank a client for payment? Why/why not?

If you do, how?

Hi Osmond,

Definitely, ‘Thank you’ for the payment and ‘Thank you’ for the work.
For me it’s usually been in person or at the very least a phone call.
And I would generally add something like: “And remember if there’s any questions or anything else to do with the work then I’m only a phone call away.”

All best,