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Must say i read this post a few days ago and it has had me considering what i do, how i do and what i should do moving forward.. So, thanks for pondering about your own situation and sharing your thought here!

Must say, upon reflection i tend to thank all my retail clients for their payment and on the same email actually take it further and thank them for the opportunity to assist them. I know it is a light – no teeth acknowledgement although it is their in black and white… Funny thing is, i would say 1 in 5 of these are replied to with a client thanking us for their assistance the whole way through the purchase… its quite rewarding, although not the intent of my thanking them.

After revisiting it, i now realised i could possibly revisit this to try and turn the thanks into referrals, although i am one that tends to prefer subtlety and never wanting to be pushy.. i know this goes against the grain of being in business, but it is my sales approach as well.. casual and comfortable, consultative and closing, fresh and familiar always with the clients needs in mind…

So, again, thanks Os.. although i have not really contributed to your post i just wanted to offer my thanks as you have assisted me a little :)


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