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Adam Hodgson
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Hi Leisa,

As a previous contributor suggested, I would look at your traffic numbers. If they have achieved a number 5 place on the first page for your main keyword phrase, that would normally convert to a significant increase in traffic and also sales. Generally, a SEO company would be happy with that.

If your stats show that there has been an increase in traffic, then it is worthwhile looking at your site and the ease of use for ordering, pricing, copy etc. From experience, people shop around for business cards.

I am not sure whether you can get out of it. It may be worthwhile asking them for what they see the reason why it is not increasing orders.

Good luck.

Leisa D, post: 183494 wrote:
Hi, after sending off a query to a well-known SEO company last year, I was contacted by a sales rep and convinced to undertake a 12 month plan following 2 months free service.

At the time of the sales call, I repeated that I was concerned about the cost and was assured that by the time the two months free was up, I should be getting plenty of orders via my website which would cover the cost of SEO and more.

The monthly fees kicked in early January and whatever they’re doing, it’s not converting to orders. In the early stages I also queried the list of keywords they would be optimizing for, as several of them have minimal or zero search volume (ie. no-one searches for those keywords). Again I was reassured that these keywords would “drive traffic” to my website.

I didn’t sign a contract, just replied to an email outlining the agreement with “I agree” – can I get out of this? I believe I was mislead by the salesperson (I should be wiser, I know) and while they have done something to improve my google rankings and traffic, it’s not bringing in customers.

An example is “business cards melbourne” which I stressed I’d like them to treat as a main keyword – it’s number 5 in Google, which may as well be number 105 – people generally only look at the first 2 or 3 results on the first page.