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I’m not a lawyer, so this isn’t legal advice, purely my opinion.
If you are wanting to get out of the ‘contract’ your best option is to look for a breach of contract. Read your initial agreement carefully – they will have covered themselves by not guaranteeing anything, so no sales isn’t a reason to cancel.

List down the services they say they will provide each month, and then see what they have or haven’t done. I recently did this for a prospective client as our first engagement and was able to show that they had not performed the on-page seo, directory links were creating duplicate content issues and the biggest one was that the promised 2 blog articles/per month had not been written (this is probably the easiest way to claim a breach) among other things.

If you find something like this, I’d let them know about the breach and ask for the contract to be cancelled – stop any direct deposits and hope they walk away without a fight. You should probably to get in touch with a lawyer with this.

Sorry you’ve had such a negative experience, and know not all of us online marketers are so dodgy 😮