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nighttax, post: 183516 wrote:
My site is amateurish as it was built by me an accountant. but I would like to see the test results. Good or Bad.

Hi Nighttax,
The speed test program attempts to assess page load speed that include various other speed influencing elements.

I have set it to include the following factors.

Location: Sydney
Browser: Firefox
Connection: Cable


Time: 1.191s
Requests: 14
Bytes: 131 KB

Compare to 3 sites randomly chosen from Word Press’ Showcase page:


Time: 11.957s
Requests: 179
Bytes: 4,757 KB


Time: 8.075s
Requests: 135
Bytes: 2,566 KB


Time: 10.313s
Requests: 129
Bytes: 1,425 KB

The main differences with your site is that it requires so few files to load the page and your files are so small (131 KB).

Word Press sites seem to be impaired by the large numbers of files and the file sizes that are used to deliver their web pages.

The comparison sites invoke up to 179 requests for files from the server. If the site is hosted on an overloaded server, these can contribute to very bad bottlenecks and delays.

The volume of data that needs to be transmitted for Word Press sites seems to be huge (up to 4.7 megs for the examples).

I suspect clients and designers will need to take their share of the blame for the web log-jam here. There seems to be a trend to impress clients with very large graphics and lots of slider images.

I wonder how the site visitors feel about them?

I won’t wait long for a page to load and every site’s “engagement” figure I’ve ever seen shows 50% of visitors spend less than 30 secs on the site.