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JohnW, post: 183549 wrote:
  • fat, dumbed down publishing systems
  • poorly installed / configured publishing systems
  • designers who only care about their pretty pictures
  • clients making ill-informed decisions
  • Sites created by people in major cities with very high speed Internet access
  • CMSs used by people who don’t know how to minimise image file sizes

If Google does make load speed a major ranking factor in search results it will eliminate most of the sites published in the last 2 years, IMHO.


I remember having a discussion with you a few months ago where I was saying a main problem for businesses is a lack of education on the difference between using an offshore/cheap developer that knows how to make a website that looks good and an industry leading developer that understands things like conversions, seo, and the importance of well designs/written websites.

The problem is that businesses just don’t see how much a cheap website actually costs them in the long run. And until they do, these offshore businesses will continue to kill Australian businesses with terrible, unusable, unranked websites.