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nighttax, post: 183630 wrote:
Thanks for the info John.
Am I right in thinking then that I should ask anyone who builds my website to use net Objects Fusion. It has all the component functions but I just do not use them.
Hi Evan,
This is an incorrect interpretation.

There are many content management systems that can be used to publish fast loading web pages.

Then there is the website hosting service which can also impact on load speed.

The issue is to be aware of load speed as an important factor of any website.

Usually the designer/developer is recommending where to host the site.

I’d throw the problem back at the designer/developer. Draw up your website design development specifications to address this issue.

Eg. “If the designer/developer and their recommended hosting service can’t deliver a system that loads your Home page within “X” seconds as tested by (use a neutral speed reporting program), then you reserve the right to reject the website and payment for it.”

That should sort out the pretenders from the professionals.

You need to be aware that load speed factors are partly driven by what you want on your pages. If the site owner specifies a huge background image and lots of slider images, then these requirements will slow the page load speed.

I’d include a speed requirement in my site specifications to protect myself but the real intent would be to precipitate a discussion with the designers/developers.

As part of the process of selecting a designer/developer, I’d be running some of their portfolio sites through a load speed testing program.

It would be rare for a specific brand of content management system to be important to the owner. Leave the details to your designer/developer but make sure you set the performance parameters.