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nighttax, post: 183659 wrote:
So if I am understanding this discussion. Is word press popular because it is free and people do not have to know how to write code?
Because WP is free the platform developers have not fully developed the software to reduce the mistakes that people who can’t code can make that will make a site slow to load?

What happened to real website developers that wrote in PHP and/or used things like Dreamweaver, NOF and other site development platforms that are incredibly customisable? Do they still exist?

Hey Evan, I’m not sure where to start on this, you’ve made many wrong assumptions.

The reason people don’t code websites from scratch is because you’re re-inventing the wheel most of the time. Nearly every site needs an administration area, a login form, a connection to the database, a way to beautify urls, newsletters, content management system etc. That’s why frameworks have become very popular, they give you a starting point that is common to most websites and you go from there.
‘Real developers’ still code, but they start off with a framework.

Wordpress is a cms/framework that is written in PHP. Like many frameworks, it’s developed so that 3rd party modules/extensions and themes can be easily plugged into it. It’s popular because it’s relatively easy to use and customise, and there is a wealth of knowledge about it online. (Being free helps though)
Open source means that it has had 10,000’s of man hours poured into from volunteer developers, and so it’s probably far less buggy than many proprietary expensive frameworks. Free does not mean bad.

The downside is that if you use 3rd party modules, you’re reliant on them being written correctly. But, from a business point of view, most developers are going to have to use 3rd party modules because the cost of purchase (say $50) against the cost of coding it yourself (say 20 hours of your time) makes it worth it even if you have to go back through the module and check the code.

Technically it is possible to create a wordpress site without any coding, but it will be pretty basic.

Dreamweaver has never been a coder’s tool, it’s a designers tool and was supposed to help people who couldn’t code.

I’m sure the gurus will be online soon to correct any of my spiel :)