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nighttax, post: 183659 wrote:
So if I am understanding this discussion. Is word press popular because it is free and people do not have to know how to write code?
Hi Evan,
John Tranter is quite correct.

Let me offer another answer.

You have possibly heard the saying that a camel is a horse designed by a committee.

I think that saying has a lot of relevance to “open source” web publishing systems like Word Press.

Word Press started life as a page publishing system to support the “blogging” format.

It grabbed that market and then people started to adapt it to other uses.

Because it was “open source”, a lot of people could start writing bits of code that could be included as “plug-ins” to the original program.

They generated huge numbers of options with greater or lesser technical competance.

They provided large numbers of Word Press design options with large numbers of functionality options and incidentally, large numbers of security holes as a consequence.

If you want a website that is not based on a content management system then you should check out what you have got.

You may find that web developers are using some content management system even if you have not specified one.