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nighttax, post: 183659 wrote:
What happened to real website developers that wrote in PHP and/or used things like Dreamweaver, NOF and other site development platforms that are incredibly customisable? Do they still exist?


I use Dreamweaver, but only to design my eBay templates. I wouldn’t contemplate using Dreamweaver to build a site, way too painful!

You use frameworks and CMS’s to enable easy mass publishing. Businesses know that it’s expensive to get a developer to change every page or add a blog post and that there are platforms out there that let them do it themselves.

Imagine taking your website and handing it to your PA who is a girl that cares more about her nails than making sure everything is on point with your website. How easy is it for her to write an article and make sure it has the same look and feel to the website and that the correct ‘components’ are there? In wordpress she logs in, clicks on posts, clicks on ‘add new’, clicks ‘featured image’, drags a photo from the computer to the upload box, types away to her hearts content (using a dropdown box to make headings or underline text) and hits publish.

That post goes live (or to sanitisation for you to check if that’s your setup) and takes on the exact same look/feel of every other bog post on your site.

WordPress and other publishing platforms are just very easy for “less expensive” people to use and therefore improve speed and cost for updates for businesses.