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JohnTranter, post: 183905 wrote:
I’m still sceptical of being able to replace some of the more complex sites with AngularJS and nothing else, but I’m open minded. :)

I agree.

Angular can do some clever stuff, but I’m not convinced it’s an answer in itself. The general rise of “front end” frameworks is changing the landscape in what tools are available though.

In the context of the current thread (load speed, et al), you can now take any server side language … spin up a server and a JSON interpreter with a few lines of code … handball it all to Angular (for e.g.), URL routing, authentication, even basic business logic, leverage off all the stuff becoming available in modern browsers, and cut your server calls to be only for real data changes. No more server latency waiting on router calls.

Once these front end “models” are set up, you can bend the UI anyway you like for visual effect and not screw up the DOM.

Also with Angular (and others) compressing code for deployment is standard, no need for other plugins.

If it takes off, it’ll be the end of cut and paste web designers, you’ll actually have to be able to read the code to use it … well at least till some smarty builds a plugin to do it for you :)