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I can’t help but feel ALL of these “statistics” your posting are equivalent to moot.

Any system admin / web developer / software guy can tell you there is far more involved in running a fast server than just dishing up static html.

There’s no way you can prove that WordPress itself is responsible for the slow loading speeds you’re experiencing. Like other people said, its the users, not the software.

An out of the box LAMP stack with WordPress will run poorly, yes, but with some technical background in web servers you can have WordPress dishing up pages almost as fast as static html – it’s all about tuning, configuring and testing.

I’ve personally seen a WordPress site dishing out 14,500 pr/s from a pentium 4 desktop machine by using object caching, varnish and w3 total cache.

Is Google going to kill WP?
No, Google may kill listings for “homemade” mobile sites, but not the software itself…