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rdenton, post: 184213 wrote:
I can’t help but feel ALL of these “statistics” your posting are equivalent to moot.

Any system admin / web developer / software guy can tell you there is far more involved in running a fast server than just dishing up static html.

There’s no way you can prove that WordPress itself is responsible for the slow loading speeds you’re experiencing. Like other people said, its the users, not the software.
This is not an anti-Word Press post. There were a number of other slow CMSs referenced earlier that you may have missed.

On page 2 of the thread I suggested…

“To me we are seeing the combined results of

fat, dumbed down publishing systems
poorly installed / configured publishing systems
designers who only care about their pretty pictures
clients making ill-informed decisions
Sites created by people in major cities with very high speed Internet access
CMSs used by people who don’t know how to minimise image file sizes”

It seems we are very much of the same opinion.

The intent is to educate web site owners into a wider range of important Internet issues.

There is more to an effective website than what it looks like and the lowest price.