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Chris H
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Drums74, post: 183517 wrote:
Hi. We’ve just created and setup a new directory website especially targeted to Artists across Australia. The idea is for artists to showcase their creativity to the world on a budget, and also provide a online presence ( with all the basic requirements). Some artists might not want to spend heaps on a custom website and/or don’t know how to do themselves. Hence they can sign up, insert some blurb about themselves, upload gallery images, video & even audio for composers. Also includes easy share options to share pages via social media. With the aim that it will become a large online directory hub where businesses and people alike can contact them for hired work.

We’ve tried to make the whole site as simple as possible. Ie easy signup and listing process. Would love everyone to go over for feedback.

Our site is http://www.artistdirect.com.au

Thank you.

Congratulations on the new site, I like it’s feel.
Everyone has opinions, so I hope you win’t mind a bit of constructive criticism that you’re welcome to completely dismiss.

Firstly, while I like the way you have pitched the $9 a month banners that scroll…
I think it’s a really bad idea to be doing that before (i.e. above) the explanation of what your’e about… It can come across a little bit… maybe desperate?
I also think that your home page focus should be in showcasing talent, the sign up for new artists should be on a completely different page.
It affects your message, I would think you want “Showcasing New Talent” to be your message, not “Sign Up Now”. If you do a good job of the former, the latter will follow.

Following on from my previous point, I would have a slideshow on the front page show casing some of your newest sign-ups and really getting them out there, thereby increase the attractiveness of your proposition to new artists.

I would also think you might want to focus on the aspects of your business that a new artist couldn’t gain through their own free social media page.
Often you might be able to provide certain incubator services such as booking gallery space for a collection of new artists which may appeal to a gallery more than dealing with individual people.
You could also work on selling digital versions of their artwork to stock photo companies etc.

The more value you offer, the more likely people are to sign…
I would also be looking to sign some people for free across a couple of different segments to build presence in your database.