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Adam Hodgson
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Hi TJ,

SEO versus Pay per Click (Adwords) is dificult. At $400 a month, you should be getting a lot of business if the account is well targetted.

My personal preference is SEO for the long run of a business. SEO is suited to short run campaigns. For a Psychologist you should be able to get good traffic and conversions with SEO if you follow the recipe below.

At a minimum for your SEO, make sure that you are listed in Google Places

We have staff in our offsite location that work full time for individual clients for only $329+GST per month. Here is our recipe for SEO success. If you follow these steps then you should be well on your way.

On Page – Content
Create/Update Description for All Pages
H1 does not need to include keyword
Create/Update five H2 headings for All Pages – Does not need keyword but synomyms are good.
Include keyword in title – near front
Include a description with the keyword
5 to 10 images for each page ratio of 1:100
Alt text string 5 – 10 words
Build page content over time. Add 50 words at a time. Do this by adding project descriptions. Target 600-700 words.
Add one or two video(s) per page
“Put rel=””author’ tag on 20% of pages”
Links – Hard or long keyword string links internally (using keywords)
Links – Soft External – Outbound 3 per page
Get high profile / high quality sites
Press Release
Number of Backlinks x Quality Muliplier (including negative)
Backlinks with no follow (20-30%)
Backlinks with stop word # eg click here
Deep linking mix 30 – 50% home page
Multi-word links with inclusion of key word or synonym on 40%
Links from high SEO visibility websites
Links from same country sites
Correlate – Do not necessarily cause.
Google +1 – Our focus
FB Shares
FB Likes

Feel free to contact if you wish to discuss further.