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Hi TJ,

An interesting dilemma indeed. I’ve worked in marketing for about 10 years and here’s my 2 cents…

Someone made a comment about ROI, and in my opinion this is definitely the first thing to look at. If the ROI is at a level that you’re happy with, then why fix it if it ain’t broken. Figuring out what you’re happy with can be a bit tricky (as most people selling a service wouldn’t be happy with 105% ROI given the amount of time they need to put in) but that’s something you need to work out on your own really.

Once you have a clear idea of your Adwords ROI, that is your yardstick to measure other marketing tactics against.

Adwords and SEO are definitely not your only options. There are a plethora of options available to you that are low/no cost. I would consider SEO as well as other options too, but there is no shortage or people for whom SEO hasn’t worked at all.

So the hard part is trying to decide which options will work best for you. You’ll always see different people starting that X worked for them, and then you’ll see other people say that X didn’t work for them at all. Then you have people who say their option is the best because that’s the service they sell (which even I can’t claim I’m not guilty of!).

So even though it’s quite time consuming, testing different options you think are the most likely to work is the best approach in my view.

This is how I would (and do) do it:

1) Brainstorm and list all the marketing tactics you think could possibly work, and therefore should be on the “consideration” list.
2) Prioritise the list putting options you think are mostly likely to work at the top.
3) Start testing, start at the top and work your way down. Keep track of home much time you spend on each activity (just later you can compare how much time you had to spend on it to get X number of customers).

Here’s a good blog with a real life example of how this works:

So as you might be able to tell, this is more of a longer term framework to how you approach your marketing. The idea being that as you continue to test, you’ll find new options that work better than the current ones, and then you can either dump the worst performing options (if you are short on time) or just keep growing your marketing activities. It might sound daunting, but of course you are the one who decides how much/little you want to do, and how often etc.

I work as a marketing consultant, so if you’re interesting in talking more in-depth about this then feel free to get in touch ([email protected]). We’ve also just started a no obligation ‘2 hour free trial’ – so that’s an option for you too if you’re interested.

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