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Hey Missycandoit,
Amber’s right. Check out paid online carts. Most will have postage, country specific tax edits on the fly.

For digital products something like 1shoppingcart will work (and you can also manage your email lists from there)

I believe that volusion, infusionsoft etc will manage both digital and physical products too – as well as a host of other things.

Volusion is for smaller operators. Infusionsoft is for bigger operators as the system is way more complex and powerful.

But here’s some food for thought…
Obviously I don’t know your price point or where most of your sales are coming from but if it’s not too much save yourself the headache and just suck it up… pay for the GST out of the profit and then make a big deal about how australians get free gst… being a global marketplace you’re probably going to make more sales from os anyway.