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Hatching_It, post: 183794 wrote:

The power of sharing socially cannot be ignored for business owners, you’d be crazy if you did.

Edit: Having just looked at the infographic, the 84% looking for product information is your target. This is highly social behaviour. Reading forum threads, reading reviews (usually left via a Facebook login), quizzing friends etc.

You’ve got a valid point, but at least in the circles that I have been involved in it is not you “have to be in social media” but more like “only social media counts”. There are some groups I know of – in the creative arts businesses – whose only digital presence is on Facebook.

That product information component you mentioned is heavily reliant on having a good web page to provide the product information. Social media, google etc, are only pathways to that page. To state the obvious, no pathway – no page, but surely a subscriber email list is just as valid a pathway as social media?