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Hi Dimi

I work in developing e-commerce websites as well as the ongoing online marketing side of things and think I could be of help. You definitely want to have a clear idea on how you want the business to work and grow and ensure the website platform you choose can do everything you want it to do now and in the future.

I agree with Maclean, a good start is having a look into the Google analytics – it isn’t just about hits – how many people are visiting, where did they come from (spammy traffic won’t buy stuff), what are they doing on the site … are all questions you want to look at. Plus it gives you a place to start, knowing where to improve the stats.

On upgrading, done properly, the site will only benefit. Making sure the meta data is in place, submitting sitemaps etc… will on boost rankings and quality traffic. I find most of my website re-dos see a nice jump in most areas quite quickly.

I’d love to have a chat as working with your business type is the area I specialise in. Send me a PM or an email if you are interested in talking through some things.