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Dimi, post: 183677 wrote:
Thanks for the responses guys. The platform used is

Powered by Oscommerce Supercharged by CRE Loaded Team
Using Version CRE Loaded v6.2 B2B

Maclean: PM Sent. Thanks. The stats I have received are not from GA, they are from cpanel. I can perhaps PM you a report I got.

As a platform, OSCommerce was really solid up until about 5 years ago when many new and exciting platforms came out. The fact that yours is using CRE Loaded is better, but it will still be a long way behind current platforms that can be had very cheaply. In particular as you’ve noted, OSCommerce is far from aesthetically pleasing!

The good news is that because OSCommerce was by far the most popular shopping cart for a number of years (they almost ‘invented’ the market) many current platforms offer varying levels of import tools. usually in the form of a CSV export from OSCommerce and a CSV import to their platform.

I’ve checked the site (thanks for sending the link through) and I can see it definitely has the Google Analytics code so I would suggest asking them to share the data with you (they can add your current email address to have permission to view) and have someone in the know go through the stats. This will be far better than a simple cPanel report showing ‘hits’. I would take such reports with a grain of salt.