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mmm, i may rock the boat here a little and i apologise in advance for this.. my recommendation would be to fid something you LOVE and do something you will continue to love.. This is a great start to success….

But about what you can do to learn, there are numerous courses to teach you how to own a business, how to run one, how to do the bookwork, how to sell, how to record the sale, how to handle the customers, how to do tax, how to process everything and anything you need… although with a little hesitation, no business and no customers paying you anything all the courses in the world can actually deflate your ambition a little..

Although i am certainly not saying do not do courses, do not learn.. the part i do say , and the part that rocks boats, is JUMP IN AND DO IT.. there are some precursors to that comment, but ideally once you locate what you want to do the jumping in becomes easy and you will soon find out where your shortfalls are and develop as you need to.

Obviously some precursory work includes a business plan, budget, forecasts, research and due diligence on the business you want to run with etc etc… so if any of this is your shortfall, maybe the first courses should cover off this area…

Awaiting some shoes, bricks, rocks and squeezy balls to be thrown my way shortly 😮


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