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Thank to everyone who has already posted.

I’m early 30,s with 15 years experience in a major supermarket chain, my partner is mid 20,s with 5 years experience in the same chain, we recently had a sea change and have spent the last 18 months in northern WA, now planning to move back to reality and the real world.

To start us off We have been thinking along the lines of a take away/cafe, or online business. Although we have already a decent amount of retail experience we would like to slowly move away from a retail based situation.

A bit more inside to us and the direction we want to head in might help your already really good ideas flowing.

I love the idea of just getting in and doing it, I’m very much a learn by doing things kind of person, but I also don’t like going into things blindly

Keeps the suggestions coming it’s all very helpful..