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Obbie, post: 183726 wrote:
I want to start a new company file, as mine is way too big.


Hi Robyn,

There are easier ways of dealing with a file that is too big than migrating to another system. QB has a “condense data” function that will let you remove closed transactions prior to a certain date. If you need a more thorough clean out than that function offers you could also start a new file in QB and migrate across all the data you need but not the data you don’t.

If you have other reasons for wanting to migrate to a new system that’s a different story, but you need to think about what those reasons are. I am big fan of cloud solutions, I love Xero + MYOB is making a serious play to catch up in this space and Reckon have (at last) released their cloud product. There are many other solutions to choose from.

I wrote a series of articles that were published on this site last year on the topic of choosing an accounting system, the second of those looked at how to evaluate your options – you’ll find the article here There is a longer version of this on my website

Hope this helps, cheers, Rhys