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Thank you to all of you for your speedy responses.

And thanks Jayne for your kind words in return. I’ve hadn’t thought of “ teaching people how to manage their own building/renovation projects – probably with a nice side order of stress minimization” but I will think seriously on that one.;)

Hey Greg, Thanks for your input. Yes your building background comes through in many of your posts and I have always been encouraged by that. I couldn’t imagine me ever having your level of digital knowledge but I did do very well in the sector compared to many others, and more to the point, I know what I did right and I’m sure I would have something to teach (some other builders) so as you say “perhaps there’s an edge in there somewhere you could leverage off” but what I’m not so sure of is how to get from here to there.:o

And Mary, Thank you so much for your detailed response and your warm encouragement. I really liked your own recent post where you shared your delight at running your first workshop. Now I’m thinking that getting thirty seven people to a workshop sounds like the kind of skills I could do with. Well done and looking forward to hearing more of your future successes.:)

Thanks again.

All best,