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Best thing I could suggest is arrange a time to go into your branch and speak to a business banker there – tell them what you’re planning and how you see it working.
Then get their advice and recommendation
then go to a few other banks and rinse repeat..
Push them all to reduce fees and get the highest possible interest rate on the accounts and lowest possible on the credit card :)

personally, our business has 2 accounts:
An everyday business “transaction” account – all our revenue flows into here, we pay bills from here.
A second “savings” account. I regularly move as much money as possible from the Transaction account into this account to take advantage of the interest rate.
(Making sure to leave enough in the transaction account for any payments that are due)

All our accounts (personal and business) are with the same institution, however I’ve got completely separate online banking logon for the business accounts – the reason being I’d like to scale in future – I need to be in a position where i can provide another person with access to the business accounts, without letting them see our personal accounts.

the bank is fine with this – although it tends to confuse the people over the phone, so I have to go into a branch if there’s anything major.
(ie, “have you closed any accounts int he past 6 months” ‘no’ “incorrect answer” – turned out we’d closed a business account but I was trying to transact on the personal accounts, which should be separate.)