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Hi Martin,

my hardware sales are very much a sideline. I take an opportunity where I can, but most of my revenue comes from services.

that said, I’ve got accounts with the following providers. None of them offer everything I want – it’s just the way of it.

– Dicker Data
– Express Online (Although Dicker Data just purchased them)
– Avnet
– MMT (Multimedia Tech)

none of them have specific revenue targets to entry.

What I do find though, is that quite often on small parts, mgabuy and some of the oher large drop-shippers actually sell things at only a few cents on what I can actually buy it for.

MMT in particular will let you look at their catalogue without requiring a signin, however you can’t see prices. (http://www.mmt.com.au)

avnet, dickerdata and expressonline all require signins.

nothing wrong with having multiple distributor partners. THere’s been instances where I’ve checked against all of them to find out who has a particular product the cheapest.

Other differences:
Expressonline charge for shipping.
DickerData only charge for shipping if invoice is <300 exgst.
mmt charge for shipping
avnet I’ve only used for software thus far.

hope this helps – feel free to drop me a line