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FS Forum Support, post: 184090 wrote:
Hi Mike,

Firstly, welcome to Flying Solo! And congrats on 8 years flying solo, that’s an achievement that many of us would be glad to emulate.

My feedback on your idea:
1) Good idea.
2) Personally I’d want all my devices to be covered by the basic fee, otherwise what’s the point of having a dude you can call for some devices but not others. If you’re my dude, then you’re my dude. Two rates might work, PC-only vs The Lot, but prob not each device. Especially when a family might easily have 6+ devices.
3) Price. People can easily do the maths – does $360 per year make sense for your customers based on what they typically spend on your services? If people typically spend $180 per visit, once per year, then it might not make a lot of sense (for them).

Now forget everything I just said. Because you need to ask your customers.

Any IT tech could go out and start a business using this model starting today. The huge advantage you have over them is your past and existing customer base. You can do all the research in the world, but the only research that matters is contacting your customers and asking them to sign up for your service (Hi, I’m trialling a new service that will give you 24/7 support for $30/mth…)”.

Since you have an existing relationship with them, they will likely be willing to be generous with their feedback. If they go for it, then great, you’re in business. But if they don’t, you can ask them why. They will give you their objections about price, value, devices, inclusions etc, until you can piece together an offer that they are responding to.

Then you can sign up a swag of existing customers to the new plan. Even ones who said no to your first offer.

Good luck and let us know how it goes. :)


Thanks for the welcome and the advice Dave. I’ve already put this to my customers and most of them are keen, but I am looking at driving up my customer base and was looking to see whether others outside my base thought this was good value.

I had to debate between offering 1 price for all devices or the model I have put forward. The reason we did this was because many of my customer base only have 1 device. If we had to support all devices then the price would have to go up as of course it means more work for us. Offering the $10 per extra device seemed the only way that we could make it cost effective for us internally.

I don’t think the residential market would bear $50 a month which is what it would have to cost to cover everything. Perhaps I’m wrong.

Most of my clients actually spend more than $360 a year on support with our current onsite pricing however remote support costs us less so we can pass that saving onto our customers. This will save us a lot of overhead with travel times, vehicle maintenance etc

Appreciate yours and anyone else’s time!